Camcorder Tapes to DVD

Convert Camcorder Tapes to DVD

Convert VHS Tapes and Camcorder Tapes to DVD easily and cost-effectively. We can convert VHS to DVD and most camcorder tapes to DVD. See below for what formats we can convert to DVD. The disc will be compatible with all DVD Players. Our Cleveleys (Lancashire) store also converts Cine Film to DVD.

Use Code 10TAPES to get the cheaper price when you have 10 or more tapes.


1 – 9 Tapes:        £7 each

Over 10 Tapes:   £6 each


> Top-Quality DVD Disc
> DVD Case with Cover
> Menu & Chapters
> Customer Care Hotline
> Tapes over 2 hours will be charged £5 extra


Video to DVD – Premier Service

Premier Package is £1 more per disc.
Upgrade to the Premier service if you want our highest quality disc, manufactured for a long-life span. Also includes a customised case cover.

Full Package is £3 more per disc.
Upgrade to the Full Package for our highest quality disc, and customised case cover with photo from your footage. We will also test the disc to ensure a perfect transfer.

Formats we can convert to DVD include:

VHS Video to DVD

VHS Video was introduced in the 1970’s/1980’s and revolutionised the way we watch TV and introduced us to the world of home movies.

Hi-8 Tapes to DVD

Hi-8 Tapes are the second generation of 8mm camcorder tapes. Introduced in the late 90’s, Hi-8 tapes are a higher quality format of the 8mm camcorder tapes.

Mini-DV Tapes to DVD

Mini-DV Tapes are the most recent form of camcorder tapes. Their smaller size meant a smaller camcorder was needed instead of earlier bulkier camcorders. We can digitise all mini-DV tapes to DVD without the need for the original camcorder.

VHS-C Tapes to DVD

VHS-C tapes or VHS-Compact tapes are the earliest popular form of camcorder tapes used by home movie enthusiasts. VHS-C Tapes used to be placed inside a larger VHS adapter for inserting into the video player.

8mm Tapes to DVD

Introduced in the 1990’s, 8mm camcorder tapes were very popular for families recording memories together at special events and at home. We can convert all format 8mm tapes to DVD.






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