VHS to DVD Recorder

One way to convert VHS to DVD is to use a VHS to DVD recorder, which will probably have the word “combo” somewhere in the title. The best are made by Panasonic or Toshiba, but there are alternatives from Philips, Sony and other companies. The best of these will transfer your VHS to DVD, and some may even improve the image quality. It could be a hard to pick a new one as the lasers can degrade with a lot…

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Best FREE Video Editing Software for VHS to DVD

There are hundreds of programs available for editing video but with so much choice comes a lot of rubbish. When you copy a DVD to a computer it will have several files with the extension .VOB – these are the data files with your video. They are MPEG-2 format but cause problems when trying to combine them into one long video. The sound can become de-synchronised so the lips move separate from the words. To fix this we first need…

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