Best Gifts for Family in 2020

Buying gifts for family and friends can be stressful so why not be a little creative and rather than browsing the shops (virtually of course) for what they want you to buy, let us help you with our top 5 gifts for family (and friends).   Best Board Game: Thames & Kosmos EXIT – The Game | The Dead Man on the Orient Express With the Number 1 board game being Scrabble we looked at this alternative which has over…

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Why Analog had its time when digital came

When digital came along many consumers didn’t see the benefit and preferred to stick with traditional forms such as VHS. The same people said the same thing when film cameras came along and slides/transparencies (which by the way we can digitise and turn them into digital photos for you) were the preferred medium for taking photographs. Analog had its drawbacks and digital won out and is here to stay. Once you go digital you never go back. Standard-Definition Analog Standard-definition…

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How the VHS transformed society

Today you can convert your VHS to DVD using a service like ours. Being able to watch our home movies or any film we like is taken for granted. Before 1970 you had cine film but not many people owned a cine projector let alone a cine camera to record cine films. Many families with parents born before 1950 will remember going to the cinema was the only way to see any recorded material. News reels from Pathe films would…

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