Buying gifts for family and friends can be stressful so why not be a little creative and rather than browsing the shops (virtually of course) for what they want you to buy, let us help you with our top 5 gifts for family (and friends).


Best Board Game: Thames & Kosmos EXIT – The Game | The Dead Man on the Orient Express

With the Number 1 board game being Scrabble we looked at this alternative which has over 3000 reviews. It is a unique escape room game for 1-4 players. There are over 10 different escape rooms in this series, but the Orient Express is the most popular. You are given a booklet, a set of puzzle cards and a set of answer cards. You begin locked in a castle and you must find a series of keys that will turn different locks that will eventually free you from the castle. And that’s it… you must find the clue to the first puzzle card, then turn that card over. The card gives you further information to enable you to find the next key. Very addictive and Number 2 on Amazon.

” Rewarding and well structured with some good “reveals”. “


Best Karaoke Machine: Bluetooth Portable Karaoke Speaker

Thanks to the microphone inputs you can sing while playing your favorite Music as a Karaoke. In addition, the product includes a DYNASONIC microphone, and you can purchase any other from our range. It is ideal for the younger audience to have fun singing their favorite songs for hours.


Best personal gift: Convert all your old VHS Video Tapes to DVD

We all have them. Dozens of video tapes and camcorder tapes that we don’t have anything to play them on. VCR’s went out with Kodak and The Backstreet Boys. Having all your old family memories preserved on DVD to watch again with your children is priceless and hours of embarrassing but irreplaceable moments. You can have your VHS tapes transferred to DVD, memory stick or into the cloud with google drive to watch on your mobile.

” Orion Media have for many years offered an excellent service. They go above and beyond what you would expect from shops these days. I highly recommend them for all isues with media (photos, DVDs). They have rescued photo slides I had from 1916, DVDs that wouldn’t play ! No job is too small and their attention to their customers is to be applauded. ”


Best Tech Gift: HP Sprocket Portable Photo Printer at Amazon

Instantly print 5 x 7.6 cm (2 x 3 in) photos from your smartphone. Let’s get this party printed. Share the present with instant 5 x 7.6 cm (2 x 3 in) photos from your smartphone. Easily connect smartphones to your Sprocket so everyone can print and view shared photos from your event. Relive every fun-filled moment with an amazing app.

“More than 700 reviewers give this item five stars, praising its convenience as well as the photo quality.”


Best Game Table: JOOLA Inside Table Tennis at Amazon

If you have the space this is a must if you want to improve your reflexes, stimulate your neurons and get a little bit fitter. The table itself is well-constructed, all the parts feel heavy duty. The assembly takes 15-20 minutes. Easy to fold up with a solid catch to stop it dropping down again. The net is a really nice unit, which clips onto the table, no clamps to tighten with a risk of table damage. Net has a dinky little system to maintain tension. Highly recommend for indoor fun.

“This classic tabletop game is a must-have for any family with enough space.”