How do I Convert VHS to DVD?

There are many methods of converting those dusty old and sadly unloved VHS tapes to DVD or any modern digital format so you can enjoy reliving those embarrassing memories again. Who doesn’t enjoy finding those pictures of your brother when he was three sitting on the toilet or that funny video clip where the dog ate all your mum’s carefully prepared dinner and then was sick all over the bedroom floor?

So here are three common methods to convert VHS tapes to DVD.



VHS to DVD Converter

These machines were commonly used by anyone who had old VHS tapes and needed a method to put them onto DVD. They cost around £300 and were popular with people who had lots of video tapes and DVD’s so they could continue watching both. The downside to these machines is their bulkiness and their price. £300 is a lot of money to use only once. Copying 2 or 3 VHS Tapes to DVD and then becoming redundant.


USB Video Converter

These little devices plug into your computer and allow you to connect your VHS player to your computer. The video can then be recorded using the specialist software provided. In our experience the quality is not as good as the VHS to DVD recorders and if your computer is not powerful enough parts of the video can be missed off, causing all sorts of audio/video synchronisation problems. The major drawback of course is having to learn to use the software.


Find a company that offers VHS to DVD Conversion

There are companies which specialise in offering a VHS to DVD Conversion service. They are both Online and on the high street. The main advantage is the convenience of leaving your tapes with a specialist who does all the work for you. The price varies from £30 per tape to as low as £5 per tape if you want a straight forward transfer.

If you only have a handful of tapes then finding a company to put your VHS to DVD is the best option. If you have a box full of VHS tapes then the cost of £20 per tape is prohibitively expensive and you may be better using a VHS to DVD converter but be prepared to pay £300 for the machine or study the manual of the software if you choose the USB converter method.