What can I do with old VHS Tapes?

You have found a box of your old home movies on VHS Tapes or Camcorder Tapes and desperately want to annoy your kids with embarrassing videos of them picking their nose when no-one is watching. Well how about putting them on DVD’s? They are the next stage up from VHS tapes, right? Let’s explore these three alternate options to convert your VHS tapes to DVD.


DVD players are found in most households and generally people have more than one. The DVD player in your computer/laptop, the DVD player in your XBOX and of course the standalone DVD players connected to your TV set. DVD’s are still the most popular way to watch movies with stores selling the latest films on DVD’s. Arguably the safest way to store your precious home movies because they cannot be accidentally erased.




The next stage from DVD’s is the USB stick also called the pen drive. They have a larger capacity than DVD’s so you could get as many as 15 DVD’s (64GB) or even 25 DVD’s (128GB) stored on one USB stick. Most modern TV sets will now have a slot on the side or back for accepting USB sticks. The USB stick will also plug into your computer/laptop. This can make it easier to share and make copies of your VHS tapes as it is simpler to copy files saved on the stick to another stick.


VHS to the Cloud?

Cloud storage is saving your VHS tapes in digital format using an Online provider such as google or Apple. Companies will allow you to save your files in their storage space for a small fee. You can then access them from multiple devices that are connected to the Internet and have the various software to play them. This is a growing feature that is popular with younger families as they can watch the videos on their phones and share them easily with friends and family.